Historical Sites of Injustice are not far away from us. The stories are right there, waiting for us to patiently explore and delve into. Through the way of short trips, we hope to encourage Taiwan’s citizens to visit these Historical Sites of Injustice in person and in combination with the introduction of the website’s relevant database, to experience, understand the past and reconstruct the public historical memory. Therefore, we’ve designed 6 routes according to different subjects. In terms of region, since most of the Historical Sites of Injustice sit in the political center, there are 3 routes located in Taipei. For the other 3, one is in Taoyuan, another is in Kaohsiung, and the other is in Taitung. To take ethnic justice into account, one of the 6 routes consists of the sites about aboriginal injustice; also, there’s one particular route about the Navy’s court-martial trials. In terms of travelling forms, to meet different people’s preferences, the itinerary designs include day trips with walking as the main means of transport together with mass transit; trips of more than 2 days are also options for those who own cars. Whether it’s walking tour, self drive tour, or guided tour for groups, there are suitable routes to choose from. For those who prefer walking to the Historical Sites of Injustice inside cities, we recommend the walking tour. If only going for a spontaneous visit, with the contents of the Historical Sites of Injustice website, one can still enjoy a casual trip in great depth. Self drive tour is recommended for people who own automobiles or scooters and are willing to spend nights for the journey. Most of the Historical Sites of Injustice located along these routes are open space with easy accessibility. Significant memorial parks of National Human Right Museum are also included. With detailed exhibition introduction and the Historical Sites of Injustice website, in-depth trips can still be carried out without guides. This route is also suitable for group trips as itinerary reference. Guided tour for groups is recommended to institutions or NGOs for planning school field trips or local in-depth tours mainly on a day-trip basis. By making reservation in advance, these routes can definitely provide more fruitful experience. Group trips can also take the previous way of self drive tour as reference when organizing the itinerary.